Excellent! I very much look forward to part two.

My interest in memoir (reading as well as writing) has grown as I've gotten older, so I'm fascinated by the process and how others approach that work, which I often find quite intimidating beyond my personal journal.

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I loved this and I am looking forward to reading more.

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So great, ladies! Like sitting in a far corner, in the warmth of one of those wood stoves, listening to the long-awaited reunion of two friends.

Years ago, I came upon the advise to "write as if everyone you know is dead." While I don't think I have ever taken that entirely to heart, it does cross my mind on occasion, making me consider whether the story is fully mine to share. I'm kind of a heart-on-my-sleeve type, so need to keep a close eye on that.

Thanks for this fun exploration. Looking forward to the next one!

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There is nothing more precious than a writing partnership with a true peer.

I was blessed to have had such a partnership with a poet I admire and adore. She and I devised a crazy 24-hour writing challenge where we alternated sending each other poem titles. When we received a title we had just 24 hours to write a poem with that title and then send it to the other. We did this without skipping a day (I still can’t believe we managed it) for over three months until life finally intervened.

What was miraculous was that we both felt that the work we produced—even in draft—was some of our very best, deepest, and most personal.

I am so glad you two found each other and am grateful that you are sharing your partnership with us.

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Wonderful piece, Ramona and Holly. Love the dichotomies and similarities between you.

I've not written or intend writing a memoir and yet I wonder, every time I put pen to paper for Substack, is that a form of memoir? Because the title 'newsletter' or 'post' seems such an inappropriate descriptive for what I read and write.

One thing I'm toying with is to read back over former posts, lift them, paste them into a new doc and indie-publish purely for my family to read in future generations. Does that mean I actually am writing a 'memoir'?

In respect of names, Tom Ryan Author (Substack) is a master. When he tours the States each year with his dogs, he meets folk and writes vignettes. He only uses first names (and with permission - photo images) and is so respectful and kind. He is friends first and foremost with those he meets. It works.

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