I hope you're right. It hurts to watch history repeat itself and it's enraging to talk with ignoramuses who just want to punish their political enemies and/or be selfish. I've been working hard since 2017 to make our democracy even better than before and I know others have as well. I just wish our media wasn't owned by the selfish billionaires and could do the job we need them to do. I want to know more about all the others who are working as hard as I am. It lifts me up.

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I almost gave up last week. We had a run-off for 2 seats for our local community college board. Our candidates supported transparency, an encouraging academic environment by supporting faculty and freedom of speech, and inclusion. Their opponents support none of these things.

We truly thought we could win because run-offs are low turnout elections and worked our hearts out. But the Republicans went to their churches (don't even get me started) and vilified our candidates as demons (seriously) because of their support for women and the LGBTQ+ community. Two of our state reps and our county judge (the mayor of the county) sent out emails right before Election Day talking about how "woke" our candidates are. During early voting, the races were neck and neck but on Election Day, tons of conservatives showed up and our candidates lost by 3,000+ votes.

It was infuriating to know how unethical our elected "leaders" are and how corrupt the conservative churches are. But it's even worse to know we live among people who hate so much. In the regular May elections, we held off many extremist candidates and I thought maybe the tide had turned, that we'd hit bottom and were on our way up. Apparently not.

And the media never said a word about what happened. So, only a small number of people even know. Too many had no idea there was even a run-off because both of our candidates got the majority of the votes in the May election (both had a 3-way race). In a non-voter-suppressed state, they would've won. But because it's Texas, they had to get over 50% of the vote. Texas is the worst.

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