I would feel no compunction to forgive ANY Trump voter…EVER!!

It is unfortunate that many were sucked into his cult, when he first began his reign of terror!

However, after watching him in action over the years, only a fool would still be supportive of him!

Or, someone who is like-minded…uncouth, racist, misogynistic, a pathological liar and criminal by nature! For those who continue to support him financially, you’re being taken and he’s laughing at your stupidity and gullibility!

There is a whole other description for the Republicans who continue to support him and his blatant lies…but, I can’t use such language here! Trust me when I suggest that neither he, nor they, deserve your forgiveness! You KNOW they will NEVER get mine…and I’m not even American! ❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦

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Dec 8, 2022Liked by Ramona Grigg

This is so well said, thank you for sharing.

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