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You need to rerun this a lot, especially the questions. Can I use your questions in a piece I have coming up?

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I can't forget the kids separated from their parents at the border either. It was such an unnecessary tragedy and one that those families will be dealing with for the rest of their lives. There will even be multigenerational trauma from that, yet no one ever paid the price for ruining people's lives. Nor will they. It's infuriating. I watched a video of a young boy reunited with his family. He was confused and upset. At a key point in his development, he learned that he can't trust adults not to leave him. So awful.

It's so frustrating to watch things like this happen in real time and not be able to do anything about it. I've read people saying ignorant things like if people just protested, we could prevent atrocities from happening. When families were being detained at the Texas border, we tried. We protested; they ignored us. Some went to the border trying to get in to see conditions or meet with officials; they ignored us. We sent diapers, toys, feminine hygiene products, etc. in an attempt to help; we don't know if the refugees ever received them. It's maddening, heartbreaking, and horrible.

Thanks for continuing to write and raise awareness, Ramona. Whatever else we do, we cannot remain silent.

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