As a Canadian, I NEVER know what to say in response to these shootings...except that law makers in America can't seem to see outside of their own assholes. Canada doesn't have mass shootings. Because we don't have guns. And the same goes for pretty much ALL civilized countries around the world. But America chooses to keep the blinders on and puff up their chests over their stupid "rights".

I'm so sorry for all the decent and lovely Americans I know.

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You know that we are paying close attention, to the horrific tragedies, that are the result of mass shooting events”, which continue to plague the U.S.A. We honestly thought that Sandy Hook would be a turning point. We foolishly thought that, the powers-that-be, would finally admit, that the average citizen does NOT need an AR15, for ANY lawful reason. Such a gun is simply a WEAPON of WAR…designed FOR THE MILITARY…to KILL as MANY people as possible…as QUICKLY as possible!

Until the NRA disappears entirely and the politicians admit that “it’s the GUNS, STUPID!”…the massacres WILL CONTINUE!! The only question will be…”when will the next shooting happen?” and, “When will one of my loved ones be MURDERED”?

To be completely honest and transparent, our city is actively grieving, following a TRAGIC shooting event on Monday evening of this week. The police have described it as a “intimate partner incident”, resulting in the deaths of 5 people…shockingly, including 3 children, aged 6, 7 and 12. 😢😢😢

Our community is still reeling and the news that has been publicly released has been limited. The shooter was among the dead. No doubt the story will unfold, in due time and probably allude to mental health issues. While I would not dispute that fact…if the shooter did NOT have access to a gun, these people would probably still be alive today! 😢🇨🇦🇨🇦

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How ironic, Josh Pressman wrote about the columbine shooting, you mentioned Sandy Hook, All these years later and nothing has changed - last night it was 18 adults and children. I guess that's wrong, the thing that has changed is the power of the weapon being used.

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The skeptic in me worries that stricter gun controls will do little to prevent someone with nefarious intentions from obtaining weapons. The black- and ghost markets already abound and will readily respond to the money-making opportunity of decreased supply.

BUT --- (if I could make the font bigger, I would) there is no explanation at all for NOT EVEN TRYING. We have to prove we are 21 years old to drink. We have to obtain a driver's license and be insured to drive a car. Specific training (and re-training) is required to spray pesticides on agricultural acres. We put warning labels on coffee and tax the hell out of cigarettes, FFS. We haven't removed any of these things from the pipeline. They are still accessible to the majority. We are not coming for your guns. What we want is gun safety. What we want is to live in a country where our children dying of firearm homicide isn't 82 times higher than it is in other developed countries.

One definition of insanity is in doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I hear you, Ramona. I hear you!!

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What makes me want to vomit is the new Speaker of the House who said, It's not the guns, it's our hearts. Bastard.....I so hate what this country has become.

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If it wasn't a gun, it would be some other tool used wrong. Crazy Bad People will just pick something else, then you'll be wanting everyone to carve their steak with spork. I feel your pain but be smart someone pulled the trigger just like people will stab people when the guns are gone.

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