The mainstream press is giving a pass to a lot of people it shouldn't. They aren't calling out lies, providing context, or giving it to us straight. They're both-siding a lot of issues they shouldn't. And it's terribly dangerous. I keep wondering if they know what happens to journalists in a fascist state. Surely they've been paying attention to the fate of their journalist peers in Russia.

FOX News has been spewing propaganda for decades at this point. It isn't any wonder that so many people are literally brainwashed by them. They're a huge problem and I'm furious that the rest of the press corps seems to think giving them legitimacy is OK. It very much isn't. If they don't let people know that FOX says it's entertainment in the courts but claims to be news on air, then how are people going to know? FOX watchers are convinced they're getting the truth.

I don't know the answer. I suspect it has to do with better regulation but I don't know how we get there. We're just so divided as a culture. In Texas, things feel tense on a daily basis. I fear for our future. Is Canada accepting new citizens?

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Excellent advocacy writing! I don’t know how to find our way through this. Trying to get to the truth doesn’t work well since Tucker Carlson among others has admitted he lies and is comfortable with that. His devout followers seem fine with that also. If only people realized that they were being cynically used and even laughed at. It’s sad to me that many of the Fox audience are looking for advocates who respect them and listen to them. I think they are getting the opposite. It’s sad. Thanks for addressing the problem.

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