The Obligatory (but not Mandatory) Page About Me

Me at Tahquamenon Falls —dressed up for the occasion.

Welcome to Constant Commoner. If you’re wondering why I chose that title, it’s because that’s what I am. I’m a blue-collar woman living in a small but adorable cottage that keeps crying out for repairs I can’t afford. I live on an island floating at the edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, accessible only by boat or car ferry or plane; a place where northern lights are said to appear often, but I’ve only seen them two or three times in the 28 years I’ve lived here so I probably won’t be thrilling you with amazing pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

Everything you find here will have been filtered through the eyes and ears and mind of an ordinary observer. I have no discernable wealth or talent or experiences that might blast you out of your seat. I finally have a passport but I’ve never used it. I don’t have a single college degree. I don’t know famous people.

But I’m pretty good at witnessing and chronicling. Before we moved to the boonies, I had a long career as a citified freelance feature writer and columnist for newspapers and magazines. I’ve written essays and short stories, and now I blog.

When I was a columnist a long time ago.

I’ve been a practicing writer for so long it seems I don’t know how to do anything else. I love that so many of you have subscribed to my newsletter. It tells me you’re not just passing by. You’ve given me permission to send my latest pieces to your inbox, and that thrills and humbles me.

Here at Constant Commoner I write about living in the northern boonies because that’s where I live for most of the year.

I write about ageing because I’m way past just ‘getting old’. I’m old.

I write about widowhood because my husband, Ed, died last year and I’m still trying to process the realities of my life without him.

I write about the fears and dangers and triumphs of the country I love and I write it from a liberal point of view. (Just so there are no surprises.)

Sometimes I write just for the heck of it.

I write to make you think, to feel, to laugh, but I’m doing it for myself, too. I get a kick out of some of this stuff and the truth is, I’d probably be writing it with or without you.

But I’m glad you’re here. I’ll never not be glad you’re here.


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Essays from the cultural hinterlands. I'm in the boonies but I have Internet and a working BS meter. I write about my life, my loves, my losses, but when the country is on the skids I'll be trying to get it back on track.


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