I also broke down and watched Fox last night. What can I say? You covered the debate comedy show well. Thank you!.

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My .02 (FWIW):

-Ramaswamy was even more insufferable than he'd been previously. I dunno what his team is telling him, but he's getting bad advice. This country is HUNGRY for a GenX /millennial candidate.

- Try as he might, Pence just cannot find his spine.

- That Haley seemed like the adult in the room is as much an indictment of the GOP as it is a compliment to her.

- Hutchinson/Scott- might as well have been reading right off their notes. Yawn.

-I find Christie's reputation rehab tour entertaining, but mostly because he's saying what I want to hear about 45, and I like when he's a vindictive jerk.

-Oh, DeSantis. We hardly knew ye! Years from now, he'll look back at MKE as the place his political rise came to die.

-Burgum should've taken last night as his shot to leapfrog most of the pack (no pun intended). He didn't. At least now, he'll have time to rehab that torn Achilles heel.

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I loved your recap. I couldn't subject myself to such nonsense, especially given all the deplorables in the audience.

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