Sitemap - 2021 - Constant Commoner

"Onward, Christian Soldiers". Not just a hymn anymore.

On That Day We Lost JFK

Run, Bambi, Run!

Kyle Rittenhouse Has Been Let Loose

The Background on the Flint Water Crisis

NYT's Maureen Dowd and Her Topsy-Turvy Obsessions

I'm in Twitter Jail!

Dark Sky Magic

Democrats, Which Side Are You On?

The Art and Craft of Hanging Out the Wash

Water Is My Existence

The Facebook Fiasco

Trump Was Our First Un-American President

A Friday Follies From Another Time

I Love When Celebrities Get Political

The Keweenaw Called and We Answered

Women and Children and the Choices We Make

Let's be Honest: Anti-Abortion Doesn't make You Pro-life

That Word, That Ugly, Awful, Stupid Word

Friday Follies: Ted Lasso, Sheep hearts, and Johnson's Beagles

Our Life in Prose and Memes

Opinion: How Much Does the Press Have to Answer For?

Monica, Bill, and the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Friday Follies: Found Art, Friends, and a Field of Dreams Come Alive

Still Raw Wounds: When Trump Went After the Khans

Yes, ‘Preaching To The Choir’ IS All It’s Cracked Up To Be

In 21st Century America It's Still Okay To Beat Up On Women

Friday Follies: Simone Biles, Suni Lee, LeAnn Rimes, and Our Own Personal Bests.

The Politics of Emotion

Love, Light, and Atheism

Friday Follies - On Empaths and Disneyland and Art

The Twitterverse Beat

Yes, I've Changed This Newsletter Name

Bomb Scare on the Mackinac Bridge

'Strictly Writing' is Now 'Writer Everlasting'

John Lewis and Good Trouble

Friday Follies: On Beauty and Bourdain

65 Years and We're Still Here, Still friends

Marabel Morgan and Why the Feminists Had To Get Moving

Friday Follies: The First

It's Not You, House Hunters, It's Me

Reflecting on the Fourth of July

Friday Follies The First

You May Think You Know a Liberal

The Exploitation of Britney Spears Starts With Us

Meshach, That Other Guy, and Abednego

That Anti-Government Candidate

To My Long-Ago Daddy on Father's Day

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Hey, Guess what? I've Officially Moved into the Neighborhood

The Amazing Endurance of Remarkable Words

On This Memorial Day

Some Newsletter Housekeeping

Just When I Think I Can Stay Away From Politics

I'm at What I Think is a Crossroads

How Not to Cover a Disaster

Pretend This is a Country You Would Want to Live In

This Fight Will Never End For Me

We All Know Right From Wrong

Inauguration 2021--it's Done

2021--The Year for Soul-Searching

You Didn’t Really Make a New Year’s Resolution.