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That Was the Year That Was

How this Atheist Sees Christmas

I live in a Cabin. Or Maybe It's a Cottage

The Iowa Caucus is in the News

And Now For the Truth

Leaving it All Behind

Pasties, Yooper Style.

No Internet Again

Don't Ask Me to Forgive Trump Voters

The Election of our Lives is a Month Away

The Mouse That Wasn't

A Mouse in the House

I buried Him

With Friends Like These...

When Hate Rears its Ugly Head We Have to Be Kinder. We Have to Smack It Down.

Walking Through Widowhood

Joni Mitchell Left and Then She Came Back

The World Without Internet

Reflecting on the Fourth of July

Inspection and Introspection

The Depp-Heard Trial and What It Means in The Long Term

Let's Just Pretend I'm Okay and Move On

It's Settled Then: Women, We're at War

The Twitter Dilemma: Where Do We Go Now?

Celebrating Earth Day While the Patient is Dying

The GOP Thrives on Propaganda. It Would Help if We Stopped Spreading It.

Six Reasons Why This *Flaming Liberal Democrat* is Getting Back to Online Activism.

There is No Explaining Grief

“I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world”

This Is Not an Obituary

A Quick Note to Tell You Where I Am

When Democracies Fall to Fascism

Real People Live in Ukraine and Want to be Free

I've Forgotten the Sound of My Mother's Voice

An Album of Unlikely Beauty

Al Franken is Sending out Senatorial Signals

Forget All That Jazz

Rambling Today

Give Up, Give In, or Get Out

Here We Go with That Age Thing Again.

There is a Way to Stop the Republicans

That Time Hillary Took on Those Mugs and Won.

You Gotta Give it to Fox News...