Sitemap - 2023 - Constant Commoner

To 2024: Hopes and Dreams and Why I'll Be Using Three Names on That Book I'm Going To Publish

Merry Christmas From the Heathen You Know

I've Discovered 'Craft in America'

Depression, Suicide, Those Things We Tell Ourselves We Shouldn't Talk About.

I Shouldn't Be This Happy

Moving Along While Standing Still

A Wish for Solitude

Yes, it's about Guns, because Treating Guns like Favorite Toys is Killing Us

My Own Personal War Against Donald Trump

Hate is the Constant Enemy. It Gathers in Groups. It Makes Victims of us All.

Plates and Platters and Things That Matter

From Yooper to Troll

David Ignatius is Stupidly WRONG about Joe Biden

Why HGTV and I can Never Be Friends.

Long Distance, May I Help You?

I Watched Fox Last Night! No, I'm Not Kidding.

Don't Laugh. It's National Senior Citizens Day

I Am That Old Woman

You May Be Ageist If...

All I Wanted was a Brake Job

Maui in my Heart

It's the Internet Again. I mean...What Internet?

Forget What You've Heard about the Upper Peninsula--Even from Me.

Here's a Thought: Let the Liberals Do It.

The Darkness and the Light

In 1998 I wrote a Letter to Hillary Clinton

Women Are the Lesser Gender

Summer Solstice

Democracy is in Our DNA

When There's a Monster in Your Midst it Can't be Anything Else

It's Official: I'm a Yooper Again

On Old Women, Invisibility, and the Concept of Beauty

If Only Martha Stewart Weren’t So Old

At the CNN Town Hall Trump was Having a Blast

I've Been Looking for a House to Call Home

The Island Calls and I'm Still Not Home

May Day and the Workers of the World

Celebrating Earth Day While the Patient is Dying

When Hate Rears its Ugly Head We Have to Be Kinder. We Have to Smack It Down.

I Lost My Hair in a Chemo Attack

Join me on Notes

That Time Bill Moyers Read My Words

On Housewives and Homemakers and Domestic Goddesses

Music as an Emotion. The Gut-Hitting Kind

Reagan, Carter, and the Hostage release, January 20, 1981

Tomorrow is the Anniversary I've Been Dreading

When You Feel the Need to Talk to Someone Grieving

Is Nothing Sacred in This Country?

There's No Bizness like Biz Bizness

News Flash: 'Self Help' Almost Always Isn't

The Toxicity of Thinking the Old Are Too Cute for Words

How the Chinese Spy Balloon Brought Me Down

Listen to the Sisters

Smiling Through the Storm Warnings

Nothing But Change Ahead